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At Primed Bikes we offer a there and then repair service. Can't wait about? No problem, we can collect your pride and joy and drop it back at a time that suits you.


Larger and more technical services will be taken back to our workshop, allowing you to get on with your day. Additional charges may apply due to geographic location.



Suspension Servicing

From £50

Free collection and drop off***

50 hour service interval

125/200 hour service interval (brand depending)

Suspension inspected for signs of wear

All 125/200 hour suspension services include wiper/oil seals, foams, O-rings, oil and bushing re-sizing as necessary  (additional charge if suspension has to be removed from bike)




Free collection and drop off

Wash bike 

Check, adjust headset

tightness and alignment

Check and adjust brakes
and gears 

(Check rims for rim brakes)  


Inspect Frame and
forks visually 

Minor wheel buckles trued

Lubricate chain and cassette



Everything included in our
Bronze service plus:


Degrease drivetrain

Remove and true wheels

Adjust wheel bearings

Remove and service headset 



​Everything in the Bronze
and Silver services plus:

All components removed from the frame

Clean and grease bottom bracket

Deep clean chain, cassette and crankset

Remove rim brake callipers, clean, replace cables or bleed disc brakes and adjust

Service hubs

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Please note: Service prices are exclusive of parts.

* Internal cable replacement will be £20 extra

** Surcharge for full suspension bikes. Frame bearing replacement is not included within our set services and will incur an additional fee

*** Anything outside a 3 mile radius of G45 will incur £0.75 per mile charge.

Services: Price List


Basic labour callout charge


Puncture repair (includes new tube) from


Hub service (per wheel)   


Wheel truing (per wheel)


Tubeless tyre setup (per wheel)


Front and rear brake bleed from


Mechanical brakes adjustment


Gear service


Bottom bracket install  


Install new chain, cassette, index gears


Install new chainset, index gears 


Fork install  


Headset service


Forks service from   


Rear suspension service  from


Replace DU bush from


Replace frame bearings 


Wheel build (per wheel)   


Box built bike from


Complete new frame build from


Please note: Service prices are exclusive of parts. An extra charge may be levied for bikes that require additional cleaning. Any internal routed cable replacement will incur surcharge.

Not sure or cant see what you need? Get in touch. We are more than happy to help you.

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